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I apologize for the inaccurate usage of the word “race” and I have made a correction to the post. Sometimes, I become passionate and I make mistakes.

I know Muslim Appreciation Month was a hoax, but that wasn’t my main point. I think I’ve found a great way to “reciprocate” in my own way. I’m going to flood my FB newsfeed with beautiful, positive aspects of Muslims. The negativity upsets me because I work with someone who identifies as Muslim and he’s the sweetest, most soft-spoken person in the world. Anybody who has taken a cultural anthropology course knows how unfair and unreasonable it is to make sweeping generalizations about groups of people OR hateful remarks about their religious practices. I used to do it myself, but I grew from it and I overcame it. I’d like to extend the same learning experience to others.


Something Artistic Blog asylum-art:

Roland et Sabrina Michaud Photography
Pashtun women… via Tumblr


#Paintings & Art# Animal Visions by Tom Chambers via Tumblr

This is the kind of shit I see in my FB feed that pisses me right the fuck off. How offensive… Are you kidding me??! You call yourself a “good Christian” but it’s perfectly acceptable for you to spread ignorance, hatred and bigotry. Way to be such a fucking saint. If heaven were full of intolerant pricks like you, I’d ask for a ticket to hell.

She doesn’t look nearly as mean wading in her watery marbles. lol


Long Time Dead by GODMACHINE / Tumblr / Blog / Store

8” X 6” 1 color sticker printed on hi-vis glow in the dark plastic. Limited edition of 50, available HERE.

Or a lamb gyro, preferably with hummus. We have a restaurant here in Salt Lake called Mazza. They specialize in Middle Eastern dishes and they make these amazing lamb gyros (I don’t think they’re called gyros, but they look very similar) with hummus. They’re freakin’ amazing. Ugh…

I’m SO hungry. I want a massive pastrami burger.

My mini Manson mix for Monday.


Something Artistic Blog asylum-art:

Melissa Gamwell:  New bronze age spoon
via Tumblr